Kundali matching by experienced Matchmaking Consultant in Gurgaon

When two people decide to tie the knot, the foremost thing that requires emphasis is kundali matching. The match is decided on the basis of ashtakoot Milan score. Taking the assistance of Horoscopes is highly important for matchmaking. On tying the knots, horoscopes of both the individuals combine and inflict an effect on every aspect of the marital life. A happy marriage begins with proper matchmaking. Krishna Astro Solution is one such place where you can come in contact with well known Matchmaking Consultant in Gurgaon who offers impeccable kundali matching services.

Find compatibility with kundali matching services

In the event of matching two horoscopes for marriage, you must know that there are two conventional methods. The ways are:

  • Phala-Jyotish
  • Gunamelana

Pursuing both these methods is extremely vital as in-depth Kundali matching takes place with a phala-Jyotish method whereas guna points are calculated when it comes to gunamelana.

Also, matchmaking is carried on with reference to the Melapak chart. How much stable a marriage will be, can easily be determined by Matchmaking Consultant in Gurgaon, we work with a procedure and take help of the eight factors that are referred as Ashta Kutas.

  • Varna is the foremost factor that is important for understanding the nature of a particular person
  • The bond between two people can be apprehended with the help of Vaishya
  • Good health can be determined with Dina or Tara
  • Yoni is that factor that is taken into consideration for understanding the sexual intimacy between the two people who are about to tie the knot
  • How spiritually connected two people are can be understood with Graha Maitri
  • With Gaana, Matchmaking Consultant in Gurgaon can understand whether the unification will be hostile or serene.
  • Emotional compatibility can be understood with Bhakoot.

Kundali matching specialist

Marriage is a big responsibility which on implementing correctly can offer you a fulfilling life. Take help of these specialists for making a correct decision. Krishna Astro Solution welcomes you with all your queries.